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• Gold 0.14% is consolidating in narrow range after hitting high of $1299. The minor dip in gold 0.14% was mainly due to strength in...

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Gold struggles to break above $1300, good to buy on dips : FxWirePro
2017-11-28-Gold .png

• Gold -0.04% has shown minor jump till $1299 yesterday on account of weak US dollar -0.04% . US dollar -0.04% was trading weak against...

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Gold: Buy on dips:FxWirePro

Harmonic pattern formed – Bearish Bat pattern Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) - $1297. Gold -0.18% has jumped sharply after FOMC minutes meeting. The yellow metal jumped till...

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Gold forms Bearish Bat Pattern, good to sell on rallies : FxWirePro
2017-11-22-XAUUSD .png

• Gold 0.71% has shown a minor jump till $1284 after a massive selling on Nov 20th 2017 on account of slight weakness in US...

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Gold: Buy on dips : FxWirePro

Gold price goes sideways after shooting star , intermediate trend edgy after railroad pattern – Boundary binaries to speculate: Chart and candlestick patterns formed- Resembling whipsaws...

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Gold price goes sideways after shooting star : FxWirePro
2017-11-15- Gold-png.png

Pattern formed – Cup and Handle Gold 0.06% has formed a minor bottom around $1265 and is consolidating from that level for past two weeks. The...

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Gold forms Cup and Handle pattern, good to buy above $1283:FxWirePro
2017-11-13 -Gold-png.png

• Gold 0.20% declined after hitting 3- week high on rising US 10 –year bond yields. The yellow metal has dipped till $1273 and is...

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Gold trades lower on rising US bond yield,sell on rallies:FxWirePro

• Gold 0.17% is trading steady at three week high on minor weakness in US dollar -0.11% and uncertainty over US tax plan. The yellow...

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Gold: Buy above $1290 : FxWirePro

• Gold -0.28% has shown a good pullback yesterday on geopolitical risks and rising crude oil 0.10% prices. The yellow metal jumped almost $16 on...

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Gold recovers on geopolitical concerns, good to sell on rallies : FxWirePro

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