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"Forex trading involves a high level of risk"

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Forex or currency trading is now the smartest way to earn money online in this competitive world. But it is not so easy to do successfully, you have need a lot of Forex education , professionalism , patience, emotion control capability and also lot of eagerness for being professional and a successful trader. You may heard that thousands of trader especially 95% newbie trader are failer in forex , So before starting your trading you might need to learn about the risk involved in forex market.

Hence, we launched site in order to enhance our own trading skill and as well as to provide free forex education. Currently we updating Forex signal, analysis, trading strategies, articles, broker information etc on our side and increasing our site contents day by day . We think every one may be helpful in their trading by following our free forex signal and analysis, strategies, articles etc but its must needed to keep a very stable money management as forex is a high risky business and we can’t assure you that our every signal will work properly, take these all for educational purpose.

Risk Disclaimer: Security Trading, Forex, Options, Futures and Commodity are highly leveraged product and involves large potential risk.If you don’t believe in efficient money management, you may lost your capital (Margin Call) in a few days or even few minutes. So before making any transaction, you should ensure yourself that you fully understand the risks involved in Forex Market.

If you have any query then you can contact with us.



Windows 2008/2012 | Server Location Amsterdam, France, Canada | Low Latency From Brokers| Super Fast Trading Experience | All types of EA supported | 3 Days Money Back Guarantee

Plan NameBuy Link CPU RAM Disk BandWidth Price (Montly)Price (Quarterly)Price (Semi-Annually )Price (Annually) InstallationBackUpSetup Fee
Economy buy now2 Core 756MB 15GB 1TB $6.50/M$6.20/M$5.90/M $5.50/M MT4 Pre-InstalledYesFree
Standard buy now 2 Core 1GB 25GB 1.5TB $8.50/M$8.20/M$7.90/M $7.50/M MT4 Pre-InstalledYesFree
Premiumbuy now 2 Core 2GB 40GB 2TB $16/M$15.50/M$15/M$14.50/M MT4 Pre-InstalledYesFree
Advanced buy now4 Core 3GB 60GB 2.5TB $26/M$25/M$24/M $22/M MT4 Pre-InstalledYesFree
Professionalbuy now 4 Core 4GB 80GB 3TB $33/M $32/M$31/M$29/MMT4 Pre-InstalledYesFree
Business buy now 4 Core 6GB 100GB 4TB$46/M $45/M$44/M$42/MMT4 Pre-InstalledYesFree
Platinum buy now 4 Core 8GB 120GB 6TB $59/M $58/M$57/M$55/M MT4 Pre-InstalledYesFree
Diamond buy now 4 Core 12GB 180GB 8TB $89/M $87/M$85/M$81/MMT4 Pre-InstalledYesFree

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